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The Bayard Art Consulting independent agency provide professional advice on acquiring and selling art wisely. We place education at the centre of our service so that our clients are empowered to buy in security, whilst feeding their individual collections and following their own passions.

Steve Bayard is an independent, global art consultant and author rights specialist committed to supporting clients at every level of market activity with his 10 figures plan: art advisory, art finance, art investment, art services, art rentals, cyber entertainment, music therapy, education, philantropy and sustainability.

Launched in April 2019, The Bayard Art Consulting independent agency has an unrivalled track record across its events and services occupying a unique position within the art ecosystem of Berlin. Our clients benefit from the shared in-house intelligence of our specialists and artists to offer strategic guidance around art.

From building a full customized collection and acquiring exclusive art, to selling strategies and action plans, investment opportunities and art financing, or even contribute to the development and publishing of your project, products, services, the agency is having the expertise and capacity to meet a wide range of international needs and interests following the new trends we detected.

Bayard Art Consulting is owned by its management, we are now ready to welcome private investors to be backed by a few exclusives. At the moment we operates entirely independently from auction houses, dealers and galleries on a niche market.

Our agency's biggest force reside in the fact that the agency is able to maintain a transparent relationship with its clients, and provide an unbiased approach to various art markets.

We operates on a global scale with other independent consultants globally in Switzerland, Netherlands, United States, Germany, Spain, France and Canada.


Art Consultant

Our art consultant is having +25 years of expertise into contemporary art, historical art, street art, music and visual arts.

After working over 10 years in customer service for major groups in Switzerland, Steve oriented his career into web design for privates and startups, marketing and event managements.

On April 2019, he decided to quit his job to focus on his passion for art and registered his own company in Berlin under the name "Bayard Art Consulting" at the office of finance in Treptow-Köpenick.


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