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Bayard Art Consulting

The Bayard Art Consulting independent agency provides professional advice on wisely acquiring and selling art. Steve Bayard is an independent, global art consultant doubled of an author rights specialist in customer relationship and a multi-talent artist. His small business registered under the name Bayard Art Consulting is committed to supporting his clients and partners at every level of the market with prestige and luxury. Steve Bayard is committed originally to 10 core values of business operation: art trading and advisory, art financing, art investment, art services, art rentals, cyber entertainment, music therapy, education, philanthropy and sustainability.

Launched in April 2019, The Bayard Art Consulting independent agency has an unrivalled track record across its events and services occupying a unique position within the art ecosystem of Berlin. Our clients benefit from the shared in-house intelligence of our specialists and artists to offer strategic guidance on artistic matters. We offer services to all tribes of collectors (Aesthetes, Trophy Hunters, Enterprising collector, Connoisseur). We advise you and assist you at any steps for building a fully customized collection acquiring exclusive art, to selling strategies and action plans, investment opportunities and art financing.

We can also assist with the development and publishing of your own project, products, and services, simply contact us by clicking here to learn more. Our agency possesses the expertise and capacity to meet a wide range of international needs and interests following the new trends we detect daily. Bayard Art Consulting is owned by its management, and welcomes exclusive private investment.

At the moment we operate entirely independently from auction houses, dealers and galleries within a niche market. We believe our agency's greatest asset resides in the maintenance of transparent relationships with its clients, providing an unbiased approach to various art markets. We operate on a global scale with other independent consultants in Switzerland, The Netherlands, The United States, Germany, Spain, France and Canada.

For art buyers

For artists in need for exposure

For everyone with a need of innovative IT solutions and system installations


Discover the highlights of our track of record history here

1 june 2020

Multi Homepages

Bayard Art Consulting give birth to Bayard.Store, the new website working with membership and online selling system based on OpenCart. This new shop system includes now an affiliation program sharing 5% of the revenues made with our affiliates.

Our next development step will be the continuation of the digitalization processing with the creation of our own mobile application, the BAYARD APP for Bayard Art Consulting will come in addition to the AMP website and the e-commerce shop Bayard.Store to deliver the best user experience possible. Tell us now what would you like to see inside. We are pretty motivated to include AR/VR to our future developments, this is now scheduled for after November 2020.

Click here to visit the shop

1 february 2020

Redesign of the eCatalog

The first version of the eCatalog is now obsolete, decision is taken to create a new magazine with articles, tips for collectors and artists as well as a new form of interactive navigation for the best user experience and for a better educative support for sales.

Click here to view the KUNZT MAG

1 November 2019

Art Event with Steven Godden

Steve invites the australian artist Steven Godden for a showcase of his works at the Kunstraum Berlin in Friedenau. The theme selected for this new exhibition of talent was all about "Chaos".

Click here to watch the event review

6 August 2019

Art Event with Atelier S21

Steve invites Greg Gillan, owner of Atelier S21 (Switzerland) for a special event at the Kunstraum in Berlin. The theme selected is "From Street Art to Tattoo" and 2 exclusive pieces of art have been offered by Greg Gillan to Bayard Art Consulting after this event.

Click here to watch the event review

6 July 2019

2nd Art Event with Yann Brenyak

Steve invites the international artist Yann Brenyak for a second special public event at the Kunstraum Berlin. Body Art, more specially Body Modification with "Ink Rubbing" technique of his own is the theme selected for this first showcase in Friedenau.

Click here to watch the event review

1 June 2019

Open talk with Lukas Zpira

Steve invites the author, nomad and bødy activist Lukas Zpira at the Kunstraum Berlin in Friedenau for an open talk and presentation of the new "Manifestø" and the new performance "Danse Neurale 2.0" based on a bio-feedback live experience.

Click here to watch the event review

18 May 2019

1st Art Event with Yann Brenyak

Steve invites the international artist Yann Brenyak for a special public event at the Kunstraum Berlin. A hardcore introduction to Body Art with "Ink Rubbing" technique of his own is the theme selected for this first showcase in Friedenau.

Click here to watch the event review

1 April 2019


Steve Bayard register a small business at the Finance office of Treptow-Köpenick in Berlin. The business is registered for art trading with a website offering services to collectors and artists for the promotion of the art and culture worldwide with an established base in Berlin. At the same time Steve Bayard sign an contract as "Art Consultant" with the Kunstraum Berlin. Volker Scheurer give since then to Steve the keys of this exclusive art space in Berlin which benefits now of each others knowlege and give a place of free expression for the new artistic orientations, exclusive showcases and art events managed now by Steve Bayard.


Turnaround Consulting

We analyze your project and give you an optimized overview of risks you have to face up and muscles you need to collect.

Strategic Planning

Pictures quality is not the only tool you need to sell out. A good strategy and optimized planning is the key in front of buyers and investors for your art.

Trades & Stocks

Trade your art with collectors from all around the globe connected at any moment of their journey on their mobile.

Exit & Succession Planning

Learn the basics of a good exit and succession planning to sell your business before to start your next challenge.

Audit & Insurances

Everything you must know about audit and insurance to protect your art collection.

Information Technology

From project idea to business we provide you with solutions and ideas to boost up your sales.


25 years of Experience

We have collected over 25 years of experience in the art making (music & design) and entertainment industries.

Individual Approach

We have a very individual approach and believe everyone is having a secret skill that deserve to be exposed.

Global Solutions

We provide a global solution for artists who are likely to sell their art online but have no time or skills to do it themselves.

We welcome Partnerships

We welcome partnership with other galleries owners and businesses who are welcoming art with open arms.

24/7 Online Support

Our support is available 24/7 for your success and to answer you about art, music making, marketing, advertising & IT Solutions.

Business Opportunities

We are building innovative custom sized business opportunities to help you run your project online independently with creativity.


We are a small business active in the Art Trading sector and based in Berlin.

We serve humans all around the globe with digital solutions for the selling and for the promotion of limited edition as well as unique art works or projects.

How commited we are?

Our art consultant is having +25 years of expertise into contemporary art, abstract art, historical art, street art, body art, extreme art, industrial art, chaos art, music and visual arts. After working over 10 years in customer service for major groups in Switzerland, Steve oriented his career into web design for privates as for startups, marketing agencies and event managers, providing them with original ideas and solutions as well as with confirmed and emerging talents since 1995.

It's therefore logical to see his talent rewarded by joining one of the most reputable art room in Berlin when you know the numbers of companies and peoples that Steve Bayard have been helping all along his career, with his good tipps and his professional advice, in many various field, finding always the rare pearl to turn into a success story for his clients like. As an example, Steve Bayard did an amazing job as consultant for Stonix (CH), Aquio Records (CH), Holeandaheartbeat (USA), Big Effects (CH), Kunstraum Berlin (DE), Jambl (DE) or more recently for Pirate Studios Berlin (DE), Berlin Pirate Rentals (DE) just to name a few.

On April 2019, Steve Bayard, our founder, decided to focus on his passion for art, growing his own talents and artists agency. Steve Bayard registered his own small enterprise in Berlin under the name of "Bayard Art Consulting". The registration has been made officially at the office of finance in Treptow-Köpenick (Berlin, Germany). The main activities of the agency are the selling of art and entertainment solutions while keeping always an eye open for new challenges, new trends and new opportunities. As an art consultant, Steve Bayard is pretty qualified and very likely to guide your exploration of the international art market.

Steve Bayard has followed the advancement of established artists and watched the growth of young artists for over 30 years now. On the basis of his first hand knowledge of the street art world and of the many contacts he has established over the years, Steve Bayard functions as an art consultant consist in helping art enthusiasts, current and future collectors, to connect directly buyers with gallery owners and reputable artists. As your devoted art consultant, Steve Bayard pays high attention to the type of art that appeals to your imagination and to your investment strategy, helping you to establish or extend your art collection at any time or place in the world. Steve Bayard will always plan your visit to galleries and recommend you the most exclusive and amazing independent artists with your own tastes and needs in mind.

Steve Bayard's intention is to guide you emotionally, artistically, as well as financially thru the process of buying art. His large panel of artists being known so far to a few insiders only have suddenly exhibit at major museums after their meeting with him. Works by Mr. Walk One, Xtian De Medici, AtelierS21, Alan Jevik, Ian Wright, Nicolas Constantin and many more whose work Steve Bayard has followed over the years, have become extremely valuable in a very short time. Steve launched "Bayard Art Consulting" in 2019 with the vision of making art accessible to everyone.

Before founding the agency, Steve has worked as art consultant in Berlin since April 2019 and as Customer Support agent. As an example, he worked for the radio and television fees on reception of programs for many years in Switzerland, managed and created himself numerous exhibitions in Berlin (Electro Open Stage Events, Kunstraum Berlin Events, Bayard Art Consulting Events) and on an international level from USA (Holeandaheartbeat) and Canada (Bass Driven) to Netherlands (RSKP), Spain (Satan Inside Recordings), Switzerland (Zombie Cream, Antiparade, #BBRMM - B*tch Better Rave My Money, or even Poland (Techno City). Since 2015, Steve is having a certificate of Marketing & Communication Generalist, this intensive scholarship and natural success drived him to help friends and businesses to draft their business plans and communication strategies.

Steve is not only a good strategists and coordinator, he is still very active as a freelance art performer and solo musician and later as a successful deejay and beat maker for over 7 digital labels, before to become an actor for commercial advertising and short movies. You can watch his monthly performances playing as a resident artist for Jambl at the Electro Open Stage events held in Berlin.

Working with artists and designers such as Lukas Zpira, Yann Brënyàk, Xtian De Medici, Nicko, Atelier S21, Rooflx, Volker Scheurer, Ania Dziezewska and Steven Godden, Steve Bayard arranged exclusive art shows and exclusive performances, designs, websites and various strategies that already demonstrated many times his potential and great positive and entertaining attitude and personality. Over the years, Steve Bayard has acquired a huge experience of human rights, humans support and humans empowerment. Since the launch of the project, "Bayard Art Consulting" have been supporting women's empowerment and equality for all. The International Women’s Day, that we empower yearly on the 8th of March with the agency, celebrates progress towards gender equality, but it also reminds us that always more needs to be done.

The "Bayard Art Consulting" agency is playing its part, for example, through signing the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles starting the begining of our activities. For the small history lesson, the International Women’s Day was first celebrated +100 years ago and since then the world has seen women prime ministers, CEOs and even astronauts. This global event celebrates nowadays all women’s achievements, while also marking a direct call-to-action for accelerating gender equality worldwide.

What’s our value proposition?

Berlin is a very unique market place having over 350 galleries and more than 20'000 artists that you can now discover in town daily. The range and variety in this area have never been greater than nowadays with the online and offline offers popping up from everywhere.

The "Bayard Art Consulting" agency is looking forward to advise you in buying art to extend your collection, which will give you the opportunity to increase your cultural and economic values immediately and generally with no efforts. As we have seen it many times already, it is possible that artists who have so far only been known to a few insiders, like Steve Bayard himself, suddenly exhibit their art at very reputable art galleries and/or even museums. Here are a few of our best trained skills that helped the agency over the years.

• Art Consulting
• Graphic Design
• Web Design
• Event Management
• Art Financing

We use of these skills to bring art to your door the most easiest way possible with our website and our magazine. 

We develop website and innovative projects to digitalize your art and put it for sale on our web portals to boost your art selling or charity projects.

We help startups and small business to get a digital exposure with affordable solutions.

We participate actively to the economic development of young talent and culture offering to artists and projects a safe space to evolve while they continue to master their art.

What's our proposition?

People consider a communication art when it has merit, worth or excellence. Perhaps a better word than value would be quality. This is how people, ordinary everyday people use the word art. Nothing has been invented here. That’s really a definition for art. The quality of communication. If art is communication, it follows the rules of communication. If it’s too original, it is difficult for people to understand. If it is too unoriginal, it is boring for sure. Too loud and it is irritating. Too quiet and it has no impact. If the acquisitor has no relationship with the experiences of the artist, it is not likely to be apprecied at its right value. If it deals with art in a way that is not stimulating, or in a way that there is no history behind the art, it will definitely not be likely to get valued. As a marketing/communication generalist and as an art consultant, Steve Bayard will help you to get immediate results over expectations.

Our huge experience teached us a hard lesson: to succeed in art, you must also succeed in business. Our little collection of website wasn’t going to cut it. Ecommerce wasn’t as accessible 20 years ago, and social media was totally non-existent. For unknown artists, the money was offline at this time. The ability to easily sell your own art online completely changed the game. Our new agency with our partner galleries handle the business of selling art both online and off. We are now the new ideal place to market your work because we do all the communication, marketing, promotion, and sales, leaving you to what you should, create.

We look for only for specific types of art based on genre or subject, style and finitions. The history of the objects we sell is the most important for our clients here. The location of our partner galleries also play a role in the type of work we generally accept. Working with our art consultant will help you to have a better overview on our catalog where you will find only valuable quality art made by reputable artists. We're specialized into arts of the scene, conceptual music arts, exclusive original fine art, limited edition sculptures, street art, graffiti, body art, rare books, limited edition prints (framed or unframed), canvas, digital downloads, desktop wallpaper, free and premium stock photo, inspirational quote prints, as well as custom/commissions for original works in traditional or digital mediums.

Since you’re here, we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting our work than ever before. Unlike many organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep art accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. BAYARD ART CONSULTING is totally independent, meaning we set our own agenda.

Our business is not influenced by billionaire owners, politicians or shareholders. No one edits our editor. No one steers our opinion. This is important as it enables us to give a voice to those less heard, challenge the powerful and support them in their works with a special funding source. It’s what makes us really different to so many others art consultants, at a time when factual, honest consulting is critical, we do not only want to sell, we also want to support new creation.

Every contribution we receive from readers like you, big or small, goes directly into funding our artists community. This support enables us to keep this philantropy spirit, but we must maintain and build on it for every year to come. Support BAYARD ART CONSULTING from as little as €1, €5, €10, it only takes a minute to complete your donation or recurrent monthly donation for the artists we promote and support.

Are we a real business?

Yes we are a real business, if you doubt about it, just visit us or give us a call and we happily tell you more about what we do or see how we can help you to move forward with your beautiful project.

Our business registration number Ust-IdNr: DE323614311

What differentiates my product from the competition?

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How much power do my customers have?

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Steve Bayard

Administrator & Business Developer

The best way to contact me is by phone call from 6am to 10pm for all inquiries.

+25 years of art and music making
+10 years of customer care
+ 10 years of graphic design / illustration / video editing
+5 years of web coding and IT development

Collaborations / Affiliations:
LAFT Berlin (Freidarstellende Künstler) | Kunstraum Berlin | Kunstraum Kieswerk |

Musician / Volunteering for:
Jambl | Berlin Musician Circle | Electro Open Stage | Maze | Trench Records | Jambalay Records

Tel: +49 152 13 71 96 10


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Tabbertstrasse 6b, 12459 Berlin

+49 152 13 71 96 10

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