"There is an artist sleeping in everyone, it just need the good motivation and appreciation to develop this talent."



Artists we represent and support with our daily social actions

Volker Scheurer

Sculpting Arts

Ania Dziezewska

Painting Arts

Yann Brënyàk

Body Arts

Lukas Zpira

Body Arts

Frédéric Tordo

Psychologist & CRPMS Researcher

Mr. Walk

Graffiti & Street Arts


Sound Engineer / Modular Bender


Graffiti & Street Arts

Xtian de Medici

Luxury Mode Designer

Atelier S21 - Gregory Gillan

Graffiti, Tattoo, Painting  & Design


VJ & Graphic Designer 

Coming soon

Coming soon

Jo Lastreg

Photography & Design

Steve Bayard

Musician/Entertainer/UI-UX Designer

Steven Godden

Illustrator & Artist

Coming soon

Coming soon

Caring on artist development?

You like what we do until here?

Feed us with a steak, a cup of champagne, new brushes, new computers or anything else that can help us improve our quality. Thru our daily social actions, we help and assist various artists from all around the globe to reach their personal self-development and educational goals.

This fund created specially for the artists we represent will be used only to cover the artists needs. BAYARD ART CONSULTING is in no way allowed to use this fund for any other purpose than the one defined here. Once a year we will split equally the total amount collected between all the artists in a matter to help their self-development and education.

A concrete example would be, if a talented emerging artist needs to pay for an additional schooling or for a new expertise of his work before to land on major markets, or for furnitures, painting, new painting brushes, new pens, special materia for his concept or anything related to his needs to provide excellence at work. By doing so you understand that our artists can now focus fully on the creation instead of searching for funds at any time.

This graphic will be updated weekly for you to follow the success of this funding campaign.


We are always looking for interesting partnerships with emerging and reputable artists. To join us as an artist and get featured on this page, please fill out and submit us this short form.

You can pitch us for a collaboration or for a venture project. Once this is made, our art consultant will contact you and you’ll be asked to send us your deck because we really enjoy to receive new decks. Please make sure you are ready to prepare and include the following details to your request:

• If you’ve launched already please include some relevant details.
• If you haven’t launched yet but there’s a private alpha or beta version of your work or any story board we would love to get an invitation to see it.
• Tell us about your artistic background and the background of your project.

For press enquiries please contact us here.

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