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Gender Empowerment

May 6, 2020

Gender Empowerment

Hello and thank you for reading this section to learn a bit more about me and my small business freshly registered!

As you have understand, I am committed to ensuring that, at Bayard Art Consulting, we encourage equality and empower women as well as any other gender, by accepting and by recognizing and by promoting their strengths and added values. This is the way I want you to look with me forward, succeeding all together for preserving good independent art, extreme art, and bizarre art from the self destruction of art and history by the actual humanity.

A step forward for humanity

Despite this progress, humans, in some countries, are still not paid or treated equally compared to their counterparts genders. In some companies, genders are not always present in equal numbers in business or groups of works coming from the art sector.

In my continual self-development I have learned that, within the world’s 500 largest companies, only less than 20 females are having access to CEOs job positions. By signing up to the WEPs, same as we did at Bayard Art Consulting on 28th of June 2019, every company can be now deciding of their future by adopting some very easy changes if they want to ‘set additional credits to their key and core values’ to respect all humans genders equally (Human Gender Equality).

We joined and signed the WEPs because it's a real and natural a way of living that we have here as a very strong core value. We started to share these values many years ago already as it follows the logical guidelines and policy we defined for this business and for our community as a small entrepreneur or as a bigger organization or as an example, as a foundation like we would love to make it by growing slowly taking care of our community of artists.

Do we have innovative policies, practices and initiatives that we would like to share with you?
Yes, we do! For example, we are welcoming women, men, and all other gender to volunteer and come work with us. We welcome all applications equally. Our internal politic is that, as soon as we get more applicants, we will proceed equally to their selection and if possible, to their empowerment and engagement into the company depending our growing speed and possibilities.

We are empowering all types of genders, our catalog of art as well as our events are made by selecting delicately artists that are men, women as well as genders forms of all types. We love the activity from mixed multi-culture and we have created a safe place with our business guidelines to protect them when they want to work with us.

We are creating a supporting fund by offering the possibility to receive donations for the environment, for the kids, for the artists support, for more sustainability, for participating to our philanthropy, for all types of gender empowerment within the company. This fund is always shared equally with all the concerned actors and concerned sectors. As an example, when we receive donations for the artists working with us on building the success of the company, all the artists receive the same amount from this fund, no matter the gender or origins. Same for all other donations programs we have set up with our guidelines and business values.

We want to see more women and more transgenders equality with CEOs, Managers and advanced expert or specialists positions in the selling of art and in the gallery management sector. The art sector as we have seen it until here between Switzerland, USA, Netherlands, France, or Germany is a very manly oriented sector and we want to be the pioneers who would like to see more women and transgenders represented for their talent equally at managing positions. We want to support any of them because of our unconditional love for humanity and sustainability.

We would love to empower more women during the post-natal period. Our dream is to help with our funds and business guidelines to empower women and men with more nurseries, babycare, childcare as well as more time for all types of genders at this very important moment where new family creates their most intense connections together with their new members. We believe each gender should have the right to choose how to create his own family circle and that they should all benefit from more space and time for welcoming every instant of this amazing life opportunity when it's here and not later.

Donation for environment program
You can donate for this program if you want to support our business for our ecological actions. We have create an ecological black and dark design website for preserving the use of your device's battery. We are against printing and we limit our prints to the minimum executing most of our business online and with digital files. To improve our IT department for a more ecological treatment of your datas, we would really need to renew our company's working devices. This mean we need immediately your help to get 1 Scanner (To supress completely the waste of paper at our company). Beside this, we are sending daily donations to IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature when you chat with us on WowApp.

Donation for kids program
As our CEO has been in a lot of affiliates programs in the past, it's logical that we follow what was started by himself. Therefore, we are using a mobile application that is allowing us to share our revenues equally by making daily donations to associations for the chat, webcam chats and other messenging systems and daily quick communications we are sending to keep our network informed about what's new here. This is how we are sharing our profits daily with associations like Aktion Deutschland Hilft E.V.,

Donation for artist support program
It is our mission to connect the most important stories with the right audience to inspire measurable change. With our digital system, we are able to support various artists in the art sector by making daily micro donations with our internal chats to organizations like Musik Bewegt Stiftung gGmbH as an example. We created our own fund as well too, 100% dedicated exclusively to our engaged and dedicated artists collaborating actively all the year with our small business. This allow young emerging artists we promote, as well as reputable artists, to get their education, to buy special scholarships furnitures or anything necessary for their self-development and for the creation of new art collections promoted on our website. The amount of the fund for artist collected during the yearly exercise is always split at the end of the year between all artists who decided to work regularly with our company. Artists must provide at least 1 new artwork (print, painting, sculpture) for sale per month to the agency to be qualified for this program starting the 1st of January 2019. For all the artists wishing to participate for the yearly redistribution and for the artists who have been joining the project between the 1st of April 2020 and the 31 of December 2020, you will need to provide the agency with new art starting the month of joining the resident artists of our agency. For all artists who joined before the 1st of July 2020, you already have works in progress and this condition will not apply to you, so you can continue to focus on what you need to produce and provide regarding our original agreement at the launching of this project. We organise special events as well too, where donations can be welcomed to support artists, musicians, entertainers and performers evolving in the extreme and bizarre art sector. We select them very carefully to fit with our guidelines and with our internal philosophy.

Donation for sustainability program

At Bayard Art Consulting, sustainability is one of the main focus too. We are building this new business on belief. We focus on developing our core beliefs in ways that can be realistic and maintained as long as possible in the future. We love being stimulated and are ready for embracing change when it has been measured and setup correctly in previous of every change being executed forward. We focus clearly on creating value and wealth with a proposition that help for our growth at the same time. We keep always in mind that competition, pleasure and comfort don't co-exist. We focus on excelling in providing you always with the most original art available. To do so, we are keeping at every time a focus on new technologies emerging which make us ready for a constant and perpetual reinvention of the trends we are launching in the art and entertainment sectors. From the education of our employees, our users and visitors, to the managing team of our agency, everything here is thinked to be recycled, re-used, and to guarantee the highest level possible of sustainability as well as security for the collaborators and for the volunteers of our small business growing daily.

Donation for philanthropy program
You enjoy what you read and see here? Choose to donate to support the ideas of Bayard Art Consulting and contribute actively to improve our philanthropist actions for a collective change in the art and entertainment sector starting today. Our philanthropy of being able to open a website like this was born in 1992 already, when the small entrepreneur that I was started to "receive to give" to others, playing as a solo trumpet performer for brass bands. It was very clear that this young talent will accomplish great things in the music and arts sectors. It's only by chasing his dreams every day and by learning to be patient that, finally on 1st of April 2019, the Bayard Art Consulting agency project can see the light for the first time officially after having proceeded officially for the registration at the Finanzamt of Berlin-Treptow-Koepenick.

To make your biggest dream come true, you'll probably need some patience. Sometimes, this kind of process can takes a few months or even a few years to be drawn, tested, changed and mixed in many ways correctly before to finally get the chance for your project to see the light. Sometimes you'll see that the way you was thinking about it can evolve considerably if you find the rights partnerships to coach you and to support you at the growing rythm of your project.

Never stop dreaming!!! We believe many artists are the ones that are still able to feed people's fantasy this way. We believe therefore that with our strong experience in this field, we can start to act now to preserve this way of living. This feeling is "The core of our philanthropy". Could you really imagine living and delivering your beautiful project without this WOW effect? We can not imagine living in such a world and society. That's the reason we exists now and we want to contribute to this change in our sector.

Donation for gender equality and women empowerment
We are not only providing internal gender empowerment and gender education to our employees and artists at Bayard Art Consulting. Beside our daily offline actions, we support projects like DocImpact actively with daily donations made automatically using WowApp. We continue to integrate various digital solutions sharing the same minset as we do have to confirm our goal of engaging ourselves, to entertain and to educate our community the best we can. It's a reality and a priority for Bayard Art Consulting to ensure that our audience community and our employees are having all the tools and the support necessary to implement a sustainable change that can lead to improve their lives. No matter the gender they have, we believe they should have this human right.

Our focus is on supporting mainly philanthropy before eveything. Our secondary focus is on human's rights, women's rights, human's health, child protection, education for all and genders empowerment, supporting of women working actively as entertainer and performer in the extreme art and bizzare entertainment sector (Fetish & BDSM sector included) coming from all types of countries and genders. We love to work with artist genders of all types as long as they can provide a full dedication for their artistic performance. By doing so, they will feel really at home working for and with us. We specially enjoy to meet new emerging artists with that little touch of excess providing the excellence qualifying the art they are creating as "The Best Vector of Communication" for the messages and feelings they would like to share with their audience.

We make no difference between men, women, and other genders. At Bayard Art Consulting, we are all born equally and we simply evolved differently at various stages of our lives, but we are all humans, at least at the moment, this may evolve one day if we discover new species or if genetics regulations adapt themselves later. We decided to empower everyone the same way we would like to be empowered as a respected human being for a short time on earth and having for mission to share his knowledge with other humans species to contribute to evolution and sustainability for the next generations.

Women’s Empowerment Principles in Brief
1. Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality.
2. Treat all women and men fairly at work – respect and support human rights and nondiscrimination.
3. Ensure the health, safety and well-being of all women and men workers.
4. Promote education, training and professional development for women.
5. Implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women.
6. Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy.
7. Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve gender equality.

The 7 principles:
Principle 1:
Leadership Promotes Gender Equality
a. Bayard Art Consulting affirm high-level support and direct top-level policies for gender equality and human rights.
b. Bayard Art Consulting has establish company-wide goals and targets for gender equality and include progress as a factor in managers’ performance reviews.
c. Bayard Art Consulting engage internal and external stakeholders in the development of company policies, programmes and implementation plans that advance equality.
d. Bayard Art Consulting ensure that all policies are gender-sensitive – identifying factors that impact women and men differently – and that corporate culture advances equality and inclusion.

Principle 2:
Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Nondiscriminiation
a. Bayard Art Consulting pay equal remuneration, including benefits, for work of equal value and strive to pay a living wage to all women and men.
b. Bayard Art Consulting ensure that workplace policies and practices are free from gender-based discrimination.
c. Bayard Art Consulting implement gender-sensitive recruitment and retention practices and proactively recruit and appoint women to managerial and executive positions and to the corporate board of directors.
d. Bayard Art Consulting assure sufficient participation of women – 30% or greater – in decision-making and governance at all levels and across all business areas.
e. Bayard Art Consulting offer flexible work options, leave and re-entry opportunities to positions of equal pay and status.
f. Bayard Art Consulting support access to child and dependent care by providing services, resources and information to both women and men.

Principle 3:
Health, Safety and Freedom from Violence
a. Bayard Art Consulting is taking into account differential impacts on women and men, we provide safe working conditions and protection from exposure to hazardous materials and we disclose potential risks, including to reproductive health.
b. Bayard Art Consulting has establish a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of violence at work, including verbal and/or physical abuse, and we strongly prevent from sexual harassment and home violences.
c. Bayard Art Consulting strives to offer health insurance or other needed services – including for survivors of domestic violence – and ensure equal access for all employees.
d. Bayard Art Consulting respect women, men and transgender workers’ rights to time off for medical care and counseling for themselves and their dependents.
e. In consultation with employees, Bayard Art Consulting identify and address security issues, including the safety of women traveling to and from work and on company-related business.
f. Bayard Art Consulting is training the security staff and managers to recognize signs of violence against women and understand laws and company policies on human trafficking, labour and sexual exploitation.

Principle 4:
Education and Training
a. Bayard Art Consulting is investing in workplace policies and programmes that open avenues for advancement of women at all levels and across all business areas, and we encourage women to enter nontraditional job in the arts fields.
b. Bayard Art Consulting ensure equal access to all company-supported education and training programmes, including literacy classes, vocational and information technology training.
c. Bayard Art Consulting provides equal opportunities for formal and informal networking and mentoring.
d. Bayard Art Consulting offers opportunities to promote the business case for women’s empowerment and the positive impact of inclusion for men as well as women.

Principle 5:
Enterprise Development, Supply Chain and Marketing Practices
a. Bayard Art Consulting is expanding business relationships with women-owned enterprises, including small businesses, and women entrepreneurs all around the globe, no matter the ethnies or religions.
b. Bayard Art Consulting support gender-sensitive solutions to credit and lending barriers.
c. Bayard Art Consulting asks business partners and peers to respect the company’s commitment to advancing equality and inclusion.
d. Bayard Art Consulting respect the dignity of women in all marketing and other company materials.
e. Bayard Art Consulting ensure that company products, services and facilities are never used for human trafficking and/or labour or sexual exploitation.

Principle 6:
Community Leadership and Engagement
a. Bayard Art Consulting leads by example – showcase company commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment.
b. Bayard Art Consulting is leveraging influence, alone or in partnership, to advocate for gender equality and collaborate with business partners, suppliers and community leaders to promote inclusion.
c. Bayard Art Consulting works with community stakeholders, officials and others to eliminate discrimination and exploitation and open opportunities for women and girls.
d. Bayard Art Consulting promotes and recognizes women’s leadership in, and contributions to, their communities and we ensure sufficient representation of women in any community consultation.
e. We use philanthropy and grants programmes to support company commitment to inclusion, equality and human rights.

Principle 7:
Transparency, Measuring and Reporting
a. Bayard Art Consulting is now working hard to makes public the company policies and implementation plan for promoting gender equality.
b. Bayard Art Consulting establishes benchmarks that quantify inclusion of women at all levels.
c. Bayard Art Consulting measures and report on progress, both internally and externally, using data disaggregated by gender.
d. Bayard Art Consulting incorporates gender markers into ongoing reporting obligations.

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