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Bayard Art Consulting

September 15, 2020




"Don't let people tell you it's impossible, I demonstrated many times what is possible to realize with a small budget and a bit of ingeniosity."

If you have a dream, go chase it and make it a reality like my clients did. Having a website is only good for your business when you care about it. There is no doubt many other solutions exists, with the sad illusion that you can get a professional website for free. However there is one thing you never get from all these companies offering you to create your precious website for free, it is the source code of your website.

That's the main reason companies are looking for developers nowadays, because the instances are evolving so fast that you need a professional coder to understand what you try to implement and to run for new plugin on your server. Choose to build a clean code since the begining of your activities is a much cheaper solution at the end than crawling under a ton of invoices for plugin you are not using. This is where I am a precious help for many.

Choosing me for coding, installing or transforming your website is a guarantee that you will get the source code for your future developers. Do not loose time trying to DIY something that only a professional can code, test and install correctly.



Sector Arts Community

August 01, 2020

Membership website and mobile application based on the Mighty Network system running in HTML5 and PHP with a database where user can login and do actions. This membership site is running on desktop as well as with the mobile application sync to it. It's our test phase launching now this new social network for artists and collectors to meet up together.

Sector Trading

July 01, 2020

E-Commerce website running on the famous OpenCart system. I created my own JavaScript and a whole new custom CSS to fit with the other websites of Bayard Art Consulting and increase the brand identity between our service website and our online shop for the trading of limited edition art works. The site is partially using PHP and MySQL for the database management.

Sector Industry

June 28, 2020

New mobile responsive design including parallax and bootstrap theme on HTML5 with custom CSS for our most loyal client. A new game coded on HTML5 and JavaScript is now finished to code and ready to install on the website. This web development was made and installed in less than one week for a first web exposure.

Sector Travel

January 29, 2020

Travel solution website coded in HTML5, CSS and Javascript for a test run with a group of friends. Idea was to offer access to mobility via an affiliate program by embedding scripts that works automatically on the website. This project has been put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic and will be refreshed after the testing period running now.

Sector Restaurant

January 17, 2020

Full custom coding in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for this restaurant in Switzerland. The goal here was to create a full website of +10 pages as well as crating the logo and all the corporate design including menu cards, visit cards, dessert cards, delivery bus design, roll-overs, letter cover design, social media campaign design and more.

Sector Arts

June 26, 2019

Starting my role as art consultant in Berlin on April 2019, I created the first website for the Kunstraum Berlin managed by the german artist Volker Scheurer. The website was running on HTML5 with animated backgrounds and parallax to showcase the most exclusive pieces of the artist and upload his videos from YouTube.


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