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Welcome to Bayard Art Consulting's details page. Learn here our story and how we started this individual business on a journey in 2019, our philosophy and what we do for the people surrounding us in our daily and professional activities.

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The Bayard Art Consulting independent agency provides professional advice on wisely acquiring and selling art. Steve Bayard is an independent, global art consultant doubled of an author rights specialist in customer relationship and a multi-talent artist. His small business registered under the name Bayard Art Consulting is committed to supporting his clients and partners at every level of the market with prestige and luxury. Steve Bayard is committed originally to 10 core values of business operation: art trading and advisory, art financing, art investment, art services, art rentals, cyber entertainment, music therapy, education, philanthropy and sustainability.

Launched in April 2019, The Bayard Art Consulting independent agency has an unrivalled track record across its events and services occupying a unique position within the art ecosystem of Berlin. Our clients benefit from the shared in-house intelligence of our specialists and artists to offer strategic guidance on artistic matters. We offer services to all tribes of collectors (Aesthetes, Trophy Hunters, Enterprising collector, Connoisseur). We advise you and assist you at any steps for building a fully customized collection acquiring exclusive art, to selling strategies and action plans, investment opportunities and art financing.

We can also assist with the development and publishing of your own project, products, and services, simply contact us by clicking here to learn more. Our agency possesses the expertise and capacity to meet a wide range of international needs and interests following the new trends we detect daily. Bayard Art Consulting is owned by its management, and welcomes exclusive private investment.

At the moment we operate entirely independently from auction houses, dealers and galleries within a niche market. We believe our agency's greatest asset resides in the maintenance of transparent relationships with its clients, providing an unbiased approach to various art markets. We operate on a global scale with other independent consultants in Switzerland, The Netherlands, The United States, Germany, Spain, France and Canada.

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