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Logo Design

We have a simple way to produce your new logo, branding, or graphic designs on our daily open hours.

  1. We listen to our client’s needs and goals.
  2. We research the company and we analyze which industry they are working in and their competitors.
  3. We formulate a strategy and a schedule for the project to be operated correctly.
  4. We execute the plan agreed together through design, production, and maintenance.
  5. After a first preview, we refine the designs according to our client’s feedback.
  6. We develop new ideas and mix technologies to market and deliver products for your digital campaigns including branding, graphic designs for documents, or integration for web design.
This package is a all-in-one service including all 6 steps of our method.

Total Price: 1'000€

Details for payment in 6 installments:

Option in 6 installments: One time setup fee of 100€ + first installment € 150.00, in 30 days € 150.00, then 4x € 150.00 (total € 1000.00) - per ordered product.

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