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Art for your property?

We create custom sized solutions for hotels all around the globe. From the superior rooms to the deluxe suite or the restaurant, our art is made to fit with each space of your property and can cover all types of budgets from small family business to internationally established brands.


Art for your office?

You were playing with the idea of selecting new art for your office room to surprise your clients or you want to create the best environment for your employee but you don't know where to start? We can handle this for you while you continue to create new wealth for your legacy.


Art for museums?

Our catalog is grouping artists from all over the world showcasing their works during cultural exhibitions in various countries, art galleries and museums. All items are trackable and comes with a certificate of authenticity for you.


Art for school?

The scolar system and the government offices are often not having the same needs as private customers. They are often looking for pieces created by local artists for their archives. We offer them here a fully custom sized solution with -5% off at any time on our collection of very rare pieces of art. 




Looking for a new website?

Your website can now include parallax, mobile responsive design and AMP code. Our UX/UI designer lovers to work on new projects for you at a very affordable price. Ask now for our web design service. Landing pages & simple websites can be created and put online in less than 24 hours by our team.


Looking for a new logo?

Refresh you old logo for an animated one and boost your business on top of the list again. Customers identification to your brand and products is the key used by great entrepreneurs to keep in mind of their audience. Use of our expertise to create the impact desired on your target.


Looking for animated illustrations?

An animated ad is an effective way to improve the engagement behavior, bring life to your content and promote your art at a low cost. We create eye-catching, intriguing animated illustrations for your online ad campaigns. Our visuals helps you to save here the time and the cost on new content productions because we work as a well oiled machine.


Looking for videos?

Marketers agrees that video campaigns have much higher impact and a better return on investment (ROI). Native videos have the highest organic reach of all types of content, specially on social networks. Video content is nowadays having a massive impact on the trends distributed on every social platforms.We create custom content for you on demand.




Looking for a space for your workshop?

We provide affordable spaces in Berlin that you can easily and rapidly use for your meeting as a conference room, for your workshop or for any other celebrations like your new album release for example. Our service include catering and all the facilities you need for an amazing event.


Catering Details

Our high-class services comes generally with a special catering including a great selection of vegan juices, fruits, local food, wine and even champagne on demand for your celebration.


What amenities are included?

The main room with a street view offers a space with 2 roll-up for your projections, 2 tables and 40 chairs for your guests. A fully mirrored toilet room for your staff. A small transitional space with a modified wall opening offering a great view on the second room available.


Art for workshop?

To feed your creativity our spaces are generally fully furnished with our art. However, you can choose to place your own art on our walls. This is subject to individual agreement with Bayard Art Consulting and with the owner of the spaces we offer before to rent any of our spaces. Contact us here, we are always ready to help!




What is an art event?

An art event or art exhibition is the final step artists needs for the presentation of the talent acquired by the constant repetition and development of an action learned until they master it to the perfection. Join our events to discover a new way of getting entertained by arts.


Mind blowing experience?

We offer mind blowing experience with public events and a clear goal of feeding our forward looking philantropy. We love to create open discussion with the humanity and continue together the research for sustainable art and emergent cultures thru the special events we drop regularly.


Is music art?

We consider music as a form of art like many other. A dj playing a cd or a singer writting lyrics are two very different things. Art is never about what you do, always about how you do it and the result of it. We love to support arts of every form in a world dominated by too much standards.


Mailing list get free entry?

By registering to our mailing list for free, you will not only get valuable recommendation about rare and unique art items. Our mainling list is the secret key to get free access to all our events and special backstage passes to meet with your most beloved artists. Sign up now here for it.


Although taxes are not the absolute favorite subject of a cultural worker, a correct billing seems complicated, but in the end is not so difficult.

Mostly, the fear of doing something wrong is bigger than the problem itself. Rest assured, you are not the only ones who always find taxes like a book with seven seals. Especially with regard to VAT, one quickly comes to the temptation to always charge a flat rate of 19% in order to "play it safe".

This is usually not only unnecessary, but also wrong. Let's divulge the secret of when 7 and when 19% VAT may be charged and when no VAT may be charged.

In Germany, 19% VAT is mandatory. For some products and services, however, a reduced rate of 7% applies. This applies in particular to "the granting, transfer and exercise of rights arising from the Copyright Act" (§ 12 (2) No. 7c UStG).

In other words, whenever a work is created which is protected by copyright or if someone transfers the use of the work, the reduced tax rate applies.

These include, for example:
Articles for magazines and newspapers
Press releases
designed websites and company logos
computer programs
Tickets for theaters, concerts and exhibitions
Theater performances and comparable performances
Provision of footage for demonstrations
Film and slide shows
Books, magazines and newspapers
Paintings, collages, drawings
hand-made sculpture

All self-employed persons who do not acquire copyrights with their work have to settle their VAT with 19% as usual. This does not simply refer to the name of the profession, but always to the work actually done. Many freelancers accept different types of jobs, so it's important to differentiate between them.

The following occupational groups fall under the 19%:

Like everywhere else, the devil is in the details.

So while the creation of photos is with 7% to calculate. If the photographer sells only prints of his pictures, he has to charge 19% again.

Sold the theater group in the break drinks, although the idea with a reduced tax rate to settle, but everything else back to normal with 19%.

Free journalists can use a special rule to settle at 7%, as long as they accept journalistic orders.

Whenever copyright is created or shared the VAT is of 7%, in all other situations our VAT is of 19%.

All the prices on our website are shown without VAT because as a small entrepreneur registered in Berlin, we are not allowed to proceed or to claim any VAT with the actual status of our company. However, as soon as we will change the status of our company, we will then calculate the VAT mostly on 7% to add on all prices for the art for sale on our website. For all services, the VAT will be calculated with 19% of VAT regarding the local law in place.

The only exception to this rule is when we create a new pack or item for which there is a transfer or sharing of the copyright created.

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