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Hi, nice to meet you – I'm Steve and I help businesses with 3D design for product visualization and animation.

What I believe in

Without fully committing to anything, you're not going to achieve top results.

O1. Commitment
O2. Focus

In today's attention economy, focusing on one thing at a time is a skill.

O3. Quality

If you're not going to deliver to the best of your ability, then you're just wasting everyone's time.

O4. Dare to be bold

The world is full of average people and businesses – be bold and dare to stand out.

About me

Art Director / 3D Specialist / Freelance Artist
Bayard Art
April 2019 - January 2024

  • Enlightened leadership in designing and implementing innovative artistic projects for art galleries and museums.

  • Guiding and pedagogical support for artists and art galleries in adopting a new revolutionary mobile application, enabling the registration and biometric verification of artworks. Publishing and dissemination of contemporary digital creations.

With an extensive background in web design and art direction, I've discovered my true passion lies in crafting 3D objects like NFT assets and developing digital experiences, primarily within the Metaverse and popular gaming engines.

Currently, my primary focus revolves around creating captivating animations for product visualization. Additionally, I'm actively seeking to establish a comprehensive network to support the development of my inaugural masterclass.

  • Advanced proficiency in 3D Design tools: Blender, FreeCAD, Autodesk, AutoCAD, Adobe XR

  • Proficiency in 2D design tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Canva

  • Expertise in Graphic Design, Animation, and Art Direction

  • In-depth knowledge of UI/UX Design and Full Stack Development

  • Exceptional abilities in coaching, consulting, marketing, and communication

  • Proficiency in programming languages PHP, JavaScript, and development environments like Visual Studio Code

  • Familiarity with Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (XR) technologies

  • Advanced skills in web development and database management

  • Creativity and strategic vision, coupled with a demonstrated ability to innovate problem-solving.

  • Advanced proficiency in gaming and crafting unique experiences on the Metaverse such as The Sandbox Game, Roblox Studio, 4ART, and Ozone Studio.


Skills & Softwares

  • Art Director, FiGD Berlin 2023-2024 (Master)

  • UI/UX Designer, FiGD Berlin 2019-2020 (Bachelor)

  • Marketing Assistant, MarKom Zürich 2014-2015


free code

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Are you facing challenges in presenting your PDF documents on your website in an engaging and interactive manner?

Got a partnership idea, or a project you need help with? Shoot me a line and let's talk.

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